The pages in this section will contain links to the software that I have written during my free time. More will be added as I migrate the contents from my old HTML-based website to the new WordPress.

  • pysmb This is a Python module that I have written in 2000 during my university days. It implements the SMB/CIFS protocol in  Python language for accessing and transferring files on SMB/CIFS shared folders (which is your Windows file sharing and Samba folders). It is no longer been actively maintained due to my work.
  • PostgreSQL Extensions for CLIPS Expert System This is a patch to the CLIPS expert system which provides a set of CLIPS functions to facilitate SQL queries to a PostgreSQL database.
  • JSON Functions for PostgreSQL This is a PostgreSQL contrib add-on to support JSON processing in PostgreSQL  database.
  • Python Mutant Tester (PyMuTester) This is tool built on nose testing framework to facilitate mutant testing on Python software.